• IP Intercoms

    A stylish door intercom by 2N will always provide a proper welcome for your visitors. In addition to its modern design, created using extremely durable materials, you are sure to appreciate its unique functions. You will not only increase your home’s security, but afford your loved ones a feeling of safety.

  • Elevator System

    In any building with an elevator you need to monitor the status of these facilities 24 hours a day. In so doing you get important information about the lift in operation, any technical faults, or persons ‘stuck in the lift’ and so improve the overall safety of the building.

  • IP SIP Audio System

    Systems allowing distribution of audio over IP networks.

  • Answering Units

    From a safety perspective, every family will welcome the option of being able to see who is ringing their doorbell. Luxury answering units by 2N will let you know who is there immediately. Exchange a few words with the person standing outside or see who it is via the intercom camera before opening the door from the comfort of your home. If you happen to be out, your visitor can leave you a message, including a video recording on the 2N IP intercom.

  • IP Access Control

    These days everyone wants to feel as safe as they can within their own home. To achieve this, why not use the 2N door access system. You will have an overview of all your visitors and any uninvited guests and will easily preclude access by unauthorized persons.

  • My2N Cloud Services

    Services to facilitate the integration and administration of 2N devices via the internet.

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