2N® LiftIP

The 2N® LiftIP is a unique product on the lift communication systems market. It is using VoIP technology for transmitting call from a lift cabin. Therefore, you can install it anywhere where an IP infrastructure is available. What’s more, installation requires no additional converters or other hardware. The 2N® LiftIP provides high quality transmission of sound and continuous online monitoring.

Step-by-step guide: Use 2N Project Designer 1.0 for you to easily configure any intercom. At the end, you can export a list of items in an XLS file as reference.

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  • Easy Installation

  • Solution for the Future

  • Online Monitoring 

  • Full Duplex Audio Transmission

  • Use of Existing Infrastructure

  • Fully IP-Based Solution

  • Connection of an Unlimited Number of 2N® Lift IP Units

  • POE Power Supply

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