2N® IP Style

2N® IP Style

Combined from the best of IP intercoms and IP cameras in the 2N® IP Style. 

This exceptional door intercom with an amazing design and 10′′ display will perfectly complement the entrances to your premium projects. 

An Axis Artpec processor acts as the brains of the intercom. One of the reasons why the door station camera can compete with most outdoor IP cameras from leading manufacturers.


2N® IP Style Datasheet


  • Camera of the future - Enhance your projects with an intercom which can handle multiple simultaneous full HD streams and has a 5 MP chip. It supports WDR and provides colour image, even in low light conditions.

  • Premium 10" display - The extreme brightness of the display guarantees exellent readability, even in direct sunlight. You will also captivate users with the immedite response and smooth animations.

  • Pleasure to install - Thanks to patented tilt-out system, you have both hands free to work with the cables. 

  • Fastest mobile access control - Rely on our evolutionary WaveKey technology. Successfully opened the door 15,000 times using 100 different phones. 97% of the cases, door can be opened in less than 1 second. 

  • IP65 and IK08 certified durability - Don't be fooled by the fully glazed surface. The 2N® IP Style can easily resist  heavy rain, a dusty environment, and even attacks by vandals.

  • Customise UI to your project - Select for 2 different ways of displaying the intercom's user interface. You'll satisfy the specifics of apartment or office buildings and tweak theuser experience to perfection.