MVC900 II - Microsoft Teams

Yealink MVC900 II is a dedicated MTR room system for extra-large meeting rooms, including MTouch II and MCore mini-PC, two UVC80 USB PTZ cameras and Camera-Hub. It also provides you with a multi-camera solution that supports camera layout adjustment to meet the requirements of extra-large meeting spaces.

  • Native Microsoft Teams-tailored user interface, smooth conference experience

  • Auto-framing & smart noise proof technology

  • Content sharing in real time

  • Simple to deploy, easy to use

  • Manage your devices remotely


MVC900 Microsoft Teams Datasheet


  • Seamless Teams Meeting Experience

  • Easy to Start and Manage Meetings

  • Premium Audio and Video Meeting Experience

  • Multiple Options for Instant Content Sharing

  • Multiple Deployment Capabilities for Any Room Layout

  • Easily Manage Devices through Yealink Device Management Platform