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Sip-Snap® GO - Cloud PBX

Sip-Snap® GO - Cloud PBX

Are you sick and tired of paying high maintenance fees for your Cloud PBX annually? Are you looking for ways to save costs so you can upgrade your company's resources? If your answer is yes, then it’s time you give Sip-Snap® GO, Netregy's latest Cloud-PBX solution a try.

Sip-Snap® GO Packages


Sip-Snap® GO - Cloud PBX Leaflet

Why Sip-Snap® GO

  • Unparalleled Service -We are available for any questions/consultation and setup needs. 

  • Scalable & Flexible - Scale with your business.Easy & fast to add additional call capacity when & where you need it. 

  • Security - Highly resilient, protected by Firewalls or Session Border Controllers (SBC) and Fraud Detection. 

  • Compatibility - Free full functional softphone for iOS, Android, MacOS & Windows. 

  • Provisioning - Quick setup. 

  • Cost Effective - Enjoy very minimum yearly hosting fees.

Must Know Facts About SIP-SNAP® GO


  • Setup - No setup, hardware and IT costs for server/appliances required. 

  • Activation - A one-time activation fee of RM50/Sip-Snap® GO account will be charged. No Activation Fee for upgrades.

  • SIP Trunk - Sip-Snap® GO Cloud PBX does not come with SIP-Trunking services. You need to apply to INVITE's SIP-Trunk services separately if required. Currently Sip-Snap® GO Cloud PBX only supports INVITE's Sip-Trunk services.

  • Hosting Fees - Hosting fee is FREE for first year. A minimum annual hosting fee is required to continue the services. Grace period of 30 days will be given upon expiry.

  • Concurrent Call - Additional Concurrent Calls can be purchased at any time. Each package will have its own additional concurrent call max capped. Additional concurrent calls will be charged annually.

  • Upgrade - Upgrade can be done anytime. Just pay the pro-rated difference of the package. Additional Concurrent Calls purchased earlier will be inherited into the new Sip-Snap® GO package.

  • IP-Devices IP Phones, gateways and other end devices are optional and can be purchased separately. Installation charges of devices are not included.

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