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Yealink Meeting

Yealink Meeting is a distributed cloud-based service platform tailored for multi-way video conferencing collaboration. Characterized with rich functions, it provides 1080P full encoding and decoding capability and multi-groups and large-capacity conferences, scheduled conference, meet-now conference, etc. Ease-of-use, simple deployment, easy maintenance, good security and reliability, Yealink Meeting delivers the specific solutions to address your unique needs for an enterprise or a service provider.

Yealink Meeting Video

Yealink Meeting HD Video Collaboration APP for iOS & Android

Yealink Meeting Personal Video Collaboration Software

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Yealink Meeting Introduction Datasheet


• All-in-one, brings MCU, registrar, directory, traversal server, meeting management server and GK&H.460 server together.

• Advanced cloud-based architecture with multiple worldwide service nodes.
• 1080P full encoding and decoding capability.
• Supports a Standard SIP/H.323 Endpoint dial server IP to join meeting directly.

• Interoperability with Microsoft Teams for audio, video, and content sharing.
• Supports RTMP Live, a large number of participants can watch the live broadcast simultaneously.
• ICE/TURN/STUN/NAT/H.460, deployment across the network.
• Supports scheduling meeting through Outlook or Web or Yealink Client.
• Supports multiple conference modes: P2P, scheduled conference, instant meeting, Virtual meeting room, and supports a variety of layout modes includes speaker mode, picture in picture mode, gallery mode.
• TLS/SRTP/HTTPS and dynamic password ensures the security of conference.
• Deeply integrated with Yealink VC devices, support conference reminder and one-touch conference access.
• Support enterprise reports and statistics, data visualization analysis.

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