Education solution

T4S SIP-Phone

Designed for today’s busy executives, the T4S series features an elegant appearance, optima high-definition audio quality phones feature and an optimized interface for a smartphone-like user experience.


Its rich one-touch soft keys allow for customization, bringing additional convenience and increasing productivity.

It also has a built-in USB port, meaning the entire T4S series supports extended functions such as USB call recording, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity for more flexibility and functionalities.


Audio Conference Phone

As employees, it is envitable to have business trips. With audio conferencing, you no longer need to spend much time and money travelling just to attend a meeting or seminar as you can easily host a conference call via telephone lines hence serving as a practical alternative to business trips.


Access Unit

In buildings like offices, it is important to have an overview of everyone coming in. With the access control solution from 2N you can greatly improve the security of such exposed places. Simply prevent access by unauthorized persons or allow them access only to certain areas.



SIP-Surveillance Vandal-proof Motorized 
Mini Bullet Network Camera

The camera is able to capture distant subjects rather than fixing on the specific scene with no flexibility. The ultra wide angle lens brings wider field of view to broaden horizons The camera also features industry leading IP67-rated weather proofing and IK10-rated vandal proofing, enabling camera protection against adverse impacts to ensure robust performance.

IP-PBX (On-Premise/Hosted)

Every business needs a telephony system but a telephony system that helps you save cost? Now that's where we stand out. We have a selection of reliable IP-PBX (on premise & on cloud) that provides telephony features such as call recording, call transfers and voice conference which we are sure your analog phone system can't do.

Best of all, you can get all these features at a much cheaper rate compared to your analog system and you can also easily manage your phone system from your PC, smartphone, or any Internet-enabled device.


Professional Headset

Mairdi headsets are not only elegant in design but it is made to provide all day ear comfort and superior audio quality. They also have multiple microphone arm and ear cuhion options to meet the various needs of users who talk and listen for a living.


Call Centre

Having the right call centre solution is imperative to empower your daily operations and to provide seamless communication between you and your customers. Our call centre comes with comprehensive reports and analysis features that ensure optimum performances at a lower cost.


Active Noise Cancellation Adaptor

Suitable for organizations that make calls on a daily basis. This tool helps eliminate 99% of  background noises ensuring better productivity and reduced distractions.

Video Conference Solution

Yealink's VCS is crucial especially for on the field support whereby participants need to enlist the help of experts from different locations to make decisions. The presence of VCS would enable a better undertsanding of the situation as it enables the “see what I see” experience, hence making decision making faster.


SIP Speakerphone

2N® SIP Speaker Horn is a speaker with exceptionally loud and clear sound. Use the speaker as a practical tool for broadcasting live announcements across large areas and actively protect your property.

If an unwelcome visitor enters your premises, you can respond immediately with a live or preset announcement to promptly deter the trespasser.

Yealink Meeting Server

What makes YMS powerful is its ability to enable multiple channels to join a conference in real-time. Whether it's at home or on the road, users can enjoy HD video conference using their PC, mobile device software, through dial-in or even by simply opening a web browser. This is crucial especially during emegencies where you need instant visual support and have to conduct immediate conference.

SIP Intercom - 2N® IP Safety

Things can happen when you least expect it, for instance to be involved

in an accident or be a witness to an attack.

With our 2N® IP Safety intercom, you'll be able to get some assistance immediately with just a press of a button. The buttons are orange in colour with a  blue backlit to make it easy to find in an emergency, even in poor visibility.

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