healthcare solution

DECT Phone

Enhances communication productivity for on-the-move employees as it allows you to move freely without being restrained at a certain area.


For instance, most elderly needs attentive care at all times. A DECT phone would come in handy when you have to get medicine presciption for the elderly without leaving their side. A call to your co-worker for their assistance via DECT would easily solve the problem. Plus, you can carry it around with you at all times since it can fit in your pocket.

Mobile Softphone App

Make and receive enterprise VoIP calls on your mobile phone anytime, anywhere. It has instant messaging and group chat features so you can be notified on all discussions immediately. This is handy since the app is linked to your company's IP-PBX which means any calls made won't cost you a single cent! To know more, check out our Linkus Softphone App

SIP Intercom 

Suitable for the disabled. The 2N® IP Uni can be fitted with an induction loop and pictograms suitable for communication with the hearing impaired.

IP-PBX / Cloud PBX

Every business needs a telephony system but a telephony system that helps you save cost? Now that's where we stand out. We have a selection of reliable IP-PBX (on premise & on cloud) that provides telephony features such as call recording, call transfers and voice conference which we are sure your analog phone system can't do.


Best of all, you can get all these features at a much cheaper rate compared to your analog system and you can also easily manage your phone system from your PC, smartphone, or any Internet-enabled device.

IR Mini Dome SIP Camera

Delivering clear and visible images under high-contrast lighting condition, Milesight's Mini Dome Surveillance Camera is particularly ideal for entrance ways and exits. It is also able to record greater scene details with true color reproduction even under extreme back light and high contrast conditions ensuring your organization's security.

Panoramic SIP Camera

Featuring IK10 Vandal-proof, the Milesight Panoramic Surveillance Camera shields its sensitive electronics from dust and water, ensuring stable operation in various conditions. It is also able to protect itself from unexpected violence, guaranteeing smooth operation and avoiding potential damages.

It is also a SIP based camera which means it can be integrated into VoIP systems to build more efficient security solutions such as checking live view from network cameras via mobile apps or through a VoIP telephony system.

SIP Speakerphone

2N® SIP Speaker Horn is an outdoor speaker with exceptionally loud and clear sound. Use the speaker as a practical tool for broadcasting live announcements across large areas and actively protect your property.

If an unwelcome visitor enters your premises, you can respond immediately with a live or preset announcement to promptly deter the trespasser.


SIP Safety Button

Things can happen when you least expect it, for instance to be involved in an accident or be a witness to an attack.


With our 2N® IP Safety intercom, you'll be able to get some assistance immediately with just a press of a button. The buttons are orange in colour with a blue backlit to make it easy to find in an emergency, even in poor visibility.


Answering Unit

One glance at the display panel will let you know who is standing outside your door, to let you start a dialogue or open the door lock. With 2N® Indoor Touch you can view video from the intercom camera at any time. This allows you to have a constant overview of what is happening outside the door to prevent unauthorized passerbys.


SIP Intercom

2N® IP Verso is water resistant, vandal resistant and easy to read even in direct sunlight. It allows access to all your devices remotely via secured cloud connection and also allows you to easily interface with other systems, achieving even higher site security. It has a night vision camera hidden from normal view allowing you to see monitor any intruder.

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