Hospitality solution

Wireless DECT Phone

Being in the hospitality field means people will be coming in and out of your premises on a daily basis.This means catering to multiple requests and  being on-the-move all the time. Yealink's DECT phone would allow you to leave your desk to check manage those requests intstantly instead of putting them on hold. This allows for fast, real time commnunication.


Audio Conference Phone

Hotels are primary locations for people worldwide to have their meetings especially when there's a large audience. Yealink's CP960 conference phone would work well in a large function room as it has a cascading feature that allows for further voice amplification.

Video Phone

Yealink VP59 is a simple to use smart video phone which allows for instant content sharing feature with people on the other end of the call to enable quick discussion and speeds up decision making. It can also be integrated with your intercom system to allow for reception applications, featuring one-touch door opening, visitor viewing and monitoring to simplify daily reception work.


Every business needs a telephony system but a telephony system that helps you save cost? Now that's where we stand out. We have a selection of reliable IP-PBX (on premise & on cloud) that provides telephony features such as call recording, call transfers and voice conference which we are sure your analog phone system can't do.


Best of all, you can get all these features at a much cheaper rate compared to your analog system and you can also easily manage your phone system from your PC, smartphone, or any Internet-enabled device.

IR Mini Dome SIP Camera

Delivering clear and visible images under high-contrast lighting condition, Milesight's Mini Dome Surveillance Camera is particularly ideal for entrance ways and exits. It is also able to record greater scene details with true color reproduction even under extreme back light and high contrast conditions ensuring your organization's security.


Panoramic SIP Camera

Featuring IK10 Vandal-proof, the Milesight Panoramic Surveillance Camera shields its sensitive electronics from dust and water,ensuring stable operation in various conditions. It is also able to protect itself from unexpected violence, guaranteeing smooth operation and avoiding potential damages.

Video Conference Solution

Ideal for small, medium to large room environment, Yealink's VCS creates an interactive and collaborative experience to enhance your conference comprehensively. This is an added service by hotels as not only will you be able to observe vital non-visual cues of your prospects but you get to save ample time travelling and even share content in real time.


SIP Speaker Horn

2N® SIP Speaker Horn is a speaker with exceptionally loud and clear sound. Use the speaker as a practical tool for broadcasting live announcements across large areas and actively protect your property.


If an unwelcome visitor enters your premises, you can respond immediately with a live or preset announcement to promptly deter the trespasser.

SIP Intercom

Things can happen when you least expect it, for instance to be involved in an accident or be a witness to an attack.


With our 2N® IP Safety intercom, you'll be able to get some assistance immediately with just a press of a button. The buttons are orange in colour with a  blue backlit to make it easy to find in an emergency, even in poor visibility.

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