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Do you know how to configure our products so that they don’t represent a weak link in network security? If you don’t, it doesn’t matter. We have a new set of instructions to help you with that – our Hardening Guide.

An intercom calls the answering unit, and the reader in the garage opens the door. Everything works as it should. But there is one more thing which you have to do to ensure our products do not provide a way into the network for hackers. What specifically are we talking about? You can read about that in the new manual.

This manual can help you configure basic security parameters and special settings to minimise the success rate of cyberattacks. We have divided settings into three levels and indicated them with one, two or three stars.

  • Level * - you should always adjust settings indicated like this in all your installations. For example, upgrade products to the latest version of the firmware.

  • Level ** - in SMEs, you should also adjust settings with two stars and ensure higher-level network protection. How do you do that? For example, by setting up a list of permitted IP addresses for streaming.

  • Level *** - these types of settings are necessary for large enterprises/networks which carry a risk of targeted cyberattacks. The success of an attack like this would mean major property damage or loss of sensitive personal data. In this case, for example, we recommend setting up a web server certificate.

Don’t underestimate cybersecurity. Protect your customers. Don’t put your reputation on the line by neglecting to configure our products.

Learn more about 2N® IP Security Solutions here: Blog source: 2N®

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