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Yealink SmartVision 40 is an ultra-high-definition intelligent all-in-one conference system designed for small to medium meeting rooms. It integrates leading intelligent AI algorithms to enhance meeting efficiency. It will combine the images from two 48MP lenses, present a higher pixel picture, and deliver clearer image quality. It also features built-in stereo speakers, 8 long-range pickup microphones, and supports 2 additional expansion microphones*. The intelligent noise reduction technology provides a good audio experience.

Furthermore, it is equipped with intelligent AI technologies such as face detection, sound source positioning, and voice tracking. It intelligently tracks the movements of conference participants, ensuring that the focus is always on the speaker, providing clear and stable images.

In addition to the basic automatic framing and speaker tracking functions, it introduces the Multi-stream IntelliFrame feature*. Through multi-stream output, it can detect speakers in the meeting room and automatically frame and display them on the screen. This enables remote participants to see the facial expressions and postures of each speaker clearly, creating a more intuitive and interactive remote meeting experience.

Moreover, its deployment and installation are also straightforward. With its integrated design, you simply need to place it in the appropriate position in the meeting room, and connect it to power and the network, without the need for complicated wiring and setup steps. To protect the privacy and security of meetings, the Yealink SmartVision 40 is designed with an automatic lens privacy cover, providing users with a secure and intelligent conference experience.

*Support 2x expansion microphones: Optional



  • Ultra HD picture quality

  • Artificial AI features

  • High-quality audio pickup experience 

  • Remote device management

  • Simple deployment

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