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VoIP System


As Aaranet AG's Malaysia System Partner, we do offer Aarenet VoIP Switch modular design which allows for optimal adaptation to specific customer requirements.

For a small, non-redundant system all system components are installed on one server. Fully redundant carrier grade systems for SIP clients have usually two Service Centres, two Config Centres and two Load Balancers.


To scale up and support large number of clients dedicated DB servers will be needed and additional Service Centres may be added. The architecture facilitates the realization of geo-redundant system setup.


The Service Centre supervises and controls the calls. It handles the caller authentication, routes the calls and generates call-data-records (CDR’s). The redundant implementation of the Service Centre increases the availability of the system. 


The Load Balancer receives and forwards SIP messages from the CPE’s to the identified Service Centre with the highest non-utilised processing capacity in consideration of the configured load distribution to manage the call.


The Call Agent and Call Balancer are components to controll and route MGCP devices. These components are not necessary if only SIP clients are used.


The system is configured with the web-based Config Centre. All system relevant configurations are maintained in the Config Centre.


Size of Systems and Scalability

The maximum number of subscribers which may operate on one system is determined by the performance of the deployed hardware and therefore highly scalable from test systems to Carrier Grade deployments with several hundred thousand accounts. System upgrades can be realised without interruption of the system.

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