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Interconnects distributed agencies and employees into a single network for improved productivity and reduced communication cost. The flexible and scalable solution can be easily integrated with the legacy equipment, protecting the investment.

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Reception Area

We have a selection of reliable & cost saving  IP-PBX (on premise & on cloud) that provides advanced telephony features such as call recording, call transfers & voice conference. 


Best of all, you can get all these features at a much cheaper plus you can also easily manage your phone system from your PC, smartphone, or any Internet-enabled device.


Receptionists are constantly on the phone all day, directing incoming calls to various departments & extensions. Requirements for their desk phones include:

  • Multi-line support;

  • Efficient operations;

  • Support for Bluetooth headsets, especially when multitasking.


An excellent SIP phone choice for such duties would be Yealink T4U series plus expansion module.

Pro Dome-01.png

Delivering clear & visible images under high-contrast lighting condition, Milesight's Mini Dome Surveillance Camera is particularly ideal for entrance ways & exits.


It is also able to record greater scene details with true color reproduction even under extreme back light & high contrast conditions ensuring your organization's security.


Welcome any visitors to your building in style & save the cost of a reception service. Take advantage of the advanced features of 2N door intercoms.


Not only do you get comfortable communication, but thanks to the integrated camera you also reinforce your entrance access security.


Broadcast live or pre-recorded announcements. via our 2N® SIP speaker. Not only from an IP phone or SIP microphone console but when using an IP PBX, even from your mobile phone.


If you have one or more elevators in your office, we recommend using our 2N lift emergency communications.


In the case of becoming trapped in the lift, you can easily summon assistance at the press of one button. You can even monitor any technical faults to efficiently improve the overall safety of the building.

Departmental Area
Mini Bullet-04_edited.png

This SIP-based camera is able to capture distant subjects rather than fixing on the specific scene with no flexibility. The ultra wide angle lens brings wider field of view to broaden horizons for better security.

T43U-front light on-min.png

An IP phone that is reliable & stable is essential for all employees.

Detailed requirements include:

  • Auto-deployment, plug-and-play;

  • Support for local server network settings (VLAN, security protocols)

  • Stable performance & HD voice

  • Ease-of-use.

Yealink's classic T4U & T5W series would make a great choice for daily office use.

UH36 Mono-1.png
logo (3).png

Use Yealink Meeting to conduct unlimited online 1 to 1 meetings or group meetings. Save time & cost travelling & we have blur background to reduce distractions.


Our UVC30-CP900 BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Kit ensures an excellent video & audio experience at a low cost. Bring it anywhere with you to hold spontaneous meetings.


Its agnostic platform lets you conduct any video meetings whether it's using Zoom, Google Hangout, Microsoft Teams or Webex. 

A professional & elegant USB headset that's designed for unified communication, office, & call centre professionals. Featuring high-quality audio plus exceptional wearing comfort.

Meeting/ Training Room
MVC500 II.png

Native Microsoft Teams-tailored user interface, smooth conference experience

Auto-framing & smart noise proof technology

Content sharing in real time

Simple to deploy, easy to use

Manage your devices remotely

Speed Dome-02_edited.png

The 36X/42X optical zoom allows the user to zoom up on distant subjects while still maintaining the clarity, delivering high quality video over the entire zoom range.

Huddle Room

An affordable video collaboration bar designed for huddle & small room.


With Microsoft Teams built right in, the all-in-one device provides a simple & smooth Teams meeting experience with premium video & voice quality, It works with a display or a touch LCD screen.

Management Room

Yealink CP900 Compact speakerphone is designed with 6 directional microphones positioned around the base which will pick up sound from any direction in 360 degrees. 


This allows you to converse naturally in an immersive, flexible setting without having to raise your voice when you're having a meeting.


Designed for executives, 

Yealink’s flagship smart video phone VP59 ensures a better call experience thanks to its industry-leading video & sound quality.


It is built with robust features such as 5-way audio/video mixed conferencing, built-in Wi-Fi & Bluetooth, built-in calendar & local USB recording.


Yealink W59R Ruggedized DECT handset works well in a demanding environment & is built with a series of alarm functions including

  • push-button alarm 

  • no-movement alarm 

  • man-down alarm

  • running alarm


aim to minimise safety risks & to assist in calling for help during emergencies. Plus, it even has a vibration alarm to prevent 

you from missing any calls in the noisy locations.


Milesight Panoramic Camera Series features advanced technology, bringing panoramic viewing experience, with high resolution & latest design to guarantee detailed images & enjoyable user-experience.


Things can happen when you least expect it, for instance to be involved in an accident or be a witness to an attack.


With our 2N® IP Safety Intercom, you'll be able to get some assistance immediately with just a press of a button. The buttons are orange in colour with a  blue backlit to make it easy to find in an emergency, even in poor visibility.

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