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Timely, reliable and secure communication has become a critical facet for healthcare institutions. To deliver high-quality, in-time patient care service along with operational efficiency has become a prevalent challenge.

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Doctor and Patient
patient's ward

We have a selection of reliable & cost saving  IP-PBX (on premise & on cloud) that provides advanced telephony features such as call recording, call transfers & voice conference. 


Best of all, you can get all these features at a much cheaper plus you can also easily manage your phone system from your PC, smartphone, or any Internet-enabled device.


Some elderly need attentive care at all times. A DECT phone would come in handy when you have to get medicine presciption for the elderly without leaving their side.


A call to your co-worker for their assistance via DECT would easily solve the problem. Plus, you can carry it around with you at all times since it can fit in your pocket.

online medical consultation
(staff & patients)

The Yealink VC210-CP900 collaboration bar allows medical staffs to interact with patients remotely thereby improving efficiency, save time & cost as well as ensuring safety.


Plug-and-play simplicity makes device installation fast & easy.

medical meeting
MVC500 II.png

Sharp, smooth, and stable HD video experience with a deep focus field. While with the 91° field of view lens and auto-framing function, Microsoft Teams video room system captures everyone in a broad meeting view and allows them to see one another in stunning clarity. Can perform wireless content sharing with just one click.

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