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The 2N® Mobile Video service uses a mobile phone application enabling direct connection with 2N® video intercoms. With this mobile application, you fully control what’s happening at your door, regardless of where you are.

2N® Mobile Video is a cloud service available from the My2N portal. The application is compatible with both Android and iOS-based mobile devices. Thanks to this application, you have a permanent connection to your 2N® intercom and can check your camera while home or away. The only requirement is (3G, 4G, WiFi) data connection. You may receive a call from your intercom from anywhere in the world and decide whether or not to open the door for your guest. Simultaneously, you may remotely manage your intercom or change its settings, using the My2N portal.

Thanks to recorded footage from the camera, the service also allows you to check missed calls. Even if ringing was turned off during a meeting, you will know who tried to reach you from your door. The application also enables you to preview the visitor prior to accepting a call, simplifying communication with the visitor. You may also remotely play a pre-recorded message and visitors are unable to tell whether you are home or not.

The 2N® Mobile Video application connects calls from the intercom to an unlimited number of mobile devices. If an intercom is installed at the gate of a family home, the intercom can be connected to your mobile device, as well as those of your partner, relatives or children. Using the My2N portal, the service may also be used for residential or apartment complexes with one or more installed intercoms at front doors. As an integrator or facility manager, you can manage Mobile Video accounts for all residents. As soon as a visitor rings a specific person, only the mobile devices of the residents of that specific residential unit will ring.

This service is subject to a monthly or annual fee. A FREE 30-day trial version is available. Detailed information about this product is available here.

General Requirements:

  1. 2N® Mobile Video is a cloud service available at the My2N portal. Opening an account at is required to activate the service.

  2. At least one 2N® intercom, with a camera and firmware, version 2.18 or newer.

  3. A mobile phone or tablet connected to the internet, with Android version 4.4 operating system or newer, or iOS version 10.x or newer, with installed 2N® Mobile Video application. Optimized for Google Chrome browsers (version 40 and higher), Mozilla Firefox (version 35 and higher) or Internet Explorer (version 11 and higher). Other browsers are not tested and full functionality cannot be ensured.

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