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“Hey Siri, Call My Linkus Contact”

If you are an iPhone user, then you must be up on Siri, your always-on voice-powered digital assistant on your iPhone. But do you know that you can place a Linkus call via Siri?

With the release of Linkus new version 1.5.3 for iOS system, the newly supported Linkus feature has come in handy to make your calling experience more streamlined and free your hand from dialling when necessary.

Let’s experience how amazing this feature is.

Open Linkus App with Voice Command

Simply with “Hey Siri” voice activation and specific voice instruction like ”Open Linkus”, you can initialize your Linkus Mobile Client App in seconds, without having to type on the virtual keyboard or go through any menus.

Make a Hand Free Call on Linkus

With Siri integration, calling your Linkus contact or dialing an external number via Linkus is just a matter of giving your phone a voice command. And what is even better, you are allowed to free your hands from dialing if need be, when you are busy typing or in other scenarios.

If you need to call your Linkus contact, you can simply give the command, like “Hey Siri, call 1010 on Linkus” and the call will be dialed out automatically.

But if you need to place an external call, there is one more tip. You may need to add the dialing prefix before the external number if it is configured. You can speak to Siri like this to initialize a call: “Hey Siri, Dial 910086 on Linkus”.

The newest Linkus Mobile Client for iOS system is ready for download on App Store. Other than the added support for making a Linkus call via Siri, there are still many amazing features that await you to explore and experience. Download now and see what you can benefit!

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