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Yeastar Central



Built for MSP, VAR, and other service providers, Yeastar Central Management (YCM) is a centralized platform to simplify service delivery and on-premises devices management. It enables opportunities to quickly launch subscriber-based, as-a-service UC offerings and create a sustainable revenue stream. On the other hand, you can monitor, provision, and manage a series of Yeastar devices easily and securely from anywhere.


Deliver a Cloud-based UCaaS Experience Easier than Ever

Built for service providers, YCM works as your sidekick to speed up your service roll-out. It only takes clicks to create PBX instances which will go live immediately for your customers. You have the elasticity to dynamically add new users and upgrade their plans. Better yet, a market-ready turnkey solution is available globally through a resilient multi-region network of data centers, allowing you to forget about the upkeep and focus on your business.

✅ View, add, scale, maintain, & upgrade

✅ Grow without capacity limits

✅ Secure-by-design infrastructure

✅ Jump-start with simplicity & profitability

✅Upgrade, backup, & more scheduled tasks


Manage & Monitor Remotely, Without Compromising Security

YCM also allows for hassle-free management and configuration of customer-premises Yeastar PBX Systems and FXS VoIP Gateways across multiple locations. Gain a panoramic view of devices performance. Check detailed information about each device. Spot issues before customers do and quickly troubleshoot through HTTPS-secured remote connections. Provide your customers with Level 2 technical support and better SLAs.


✅ Add and manage all on one interface

✅ SSH tunneling for secure remote access

✅ Real-time monitoring of customers’ devices

✅ Descriptive email alerts on critical issues

✅ Upgrade, backup, reset, and other operations

30+ Types of Alarm

With proactive monitoring, should a critical issue occur, you will be notified immediately – even before your customer spot it.


Subscriptions Overview

View how P-Series Enterprise and Ultimate Plans work for your customers so that you can follow up on expired subscribers.


Dashboard for Greater Visibility

A widget-based dynamic dashboard real-time overview of all your managed PBX, including PBX status, device status, alarm trend, tasks status, etc.


Shared Admin

Add colleague accounts to co-manage YCM and customers’ devices. Realize granular administration by limiting permissions, grouping devices, etc.a


Central Repository

Manage and download firmware and backup files in one place. Receive push notifications on new version releases.


With Yeastar Partner Portal

Yeastar accelerates the purchase process and simplifies your operation by aligning YCM with Yeastar Partner Portal.

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