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CP960 Microsoft Teams

The CP960 is an enterprise-grade conference phone, bringing the Teams experience and functionality from the desktop to the conference room. Based on Android OS, the CP960 not only unceasingly boosts the user experience, but also strikes an exquisite balance between simplicity and sophistication with Teams


  • Easier to be heard and involved in the conference room

  • Ease of use, low learning cost

  • Efficient Provisioning and Management


CP960 Microsoft Teams Datasheet


  • 5” 720x1280 multi-touch screen

  • Optimal HD audio, full duplex technology

  • 20-foot (6-meter), 360-degree microphone pickup range

  • Microsoft Teams-tailored user interface

  • Supports Office 365, and upgradability of device applications to Teams or SFB

  • Based on Android OS

  • Supports Microsoft/Yealink/Unify Square Device Management Platform Array

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