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7 Reasons Why You Should Get Your Own Yealink Introductory Unit

Every now and then, Yealink will announce the launch of a new product and as a privilege of becoming Netregy’s resellers, you will have the opportunity to purchase them at a discounted rate and try first-hand the features available. But that's not the only reason why you should consider buying your own unit.

We've compiled 7 reasons you need to get you started.

Introductory offers are ONE-OFF Discounts

Introductory offers are rare as it only happens when new products are released and even then you’d have to pre-order first in order to enjoy the discounted rate. Did we mention it is first come first serve as well? So for those of you who are price conscious, why not take this opportunity to enjoy the price reduction and be one of the first few resellers to try out the product features and get ahead of your competitors.

Limited LDU units available

While we do provide Loan Demo Unit (LDU) service, we only have several units at hand and most of them will be loaned to partners on a regular basis. You might have to wait for a certain period of time before it’s your turn to loan again as we operate on a first come first serve basis. In that time of waiting, you could have potentially let a good opportunity slip right off your hands.

LDU Time Limit

There is a time limit in terms of the duration you get to use the loan unit (maximum 2 weeks). In some cases, you might have a potential client 2 weeks after you have returned the loan unit which means, now you have to apply again just to perform a demo to your client. For all you know, the loan unit could have been loaned to another partner or even sold off. All that time used to apply for LDU could have been invested to seal the deal with your client if you have had your own unit.

Test at ease with no rush

Needless to say, with your own unit, you can test it for as long as you want, whenever you want and eventually develop a full understanding of the product which can build your customers’ trust in your services.

Less Dependent on Tech Support

Your understanding of the configuration and workings of the product would mean you don’t have to constantly refer to your tech support as they may be unavailable at times hence, unable to attend to you at the desired moment which would lead to all sorts of frustration from your clients.

Furnish your showroom/display gallery

  • Furnishing your showroom/display gallery with new introductory units would ensure that when your clients pay a visit to your premise, they would be aware of the range of products offered in a single glance and that you are updated on the latest product launch.

  • Having your own unit in the showroom also enables you to perform demo for more than 1 client simultaneously instead of scheduling multiple appointments and having to loan different units at various interval.

  • Some of your clients might be there to purchase a certain product but your showroom could prompt them to be interested in other products that were previously not known to them. Hence, the importance of having your own unit instead of LDU.

Obtain further special pricing

Finally, your purchase with us can ease the process of obtaining special pricing for future projects that you may have as it reflects your participation and commitment to our activities. Your constant support would also enable you to retain your current pricing privilege and if your purchase is consistent, you will be promoted from an authorised to certified partner with even further pricing privileges.

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