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DECT vs WiFi in 1 Minute

DECT or Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications is a digital communications standard primarily used for creating cordless phone systems.


  • DECT is more stable as it operates on its own isolated frequency. It will not compete with resources with lower communication priority.

  • WiFi operates on a shared network. It is shared by various resources which can make it unstable occasionally.


  • Better security in DECT as it comes with a full range of security protocols, authentication & encryption.

  • WiFi security has minimal authentication processes.

Voice Quality

  • DECT has a better voice quality as it is designed purely for voice.

  • WiFi is designed for data. QoS controls are needed to prioritze voice quality.


  • DECT uses a lower frequency hence it is better at passing through obstacles (e.g walls, boxes, people).

  • WiFi uses a higher frequency which makes it harder to maintain signal strength when passing through obstacles.

Cover Range

  • DECT provides a cover range of 50m indoors; 300m outdoors.

  • Cover range for WiFi is limited to within the premise. Little to no coverage once out of premise.


  • DECT allows seamless handover between access points ensuring voice calls are free from interruptions.

  • There exists a break of 70ms before handover which means users will hear a break in conversation if they use WiFi.

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