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Pointless? Of course not. Together with you, we discovered several situations when installation actually required this. With the new FW 2.28, you can now, for example, easily integrate the 2N® LTE Verso with a VMS.

You already know about the benefits of a 2N® LTE Verso intercom—freedom from existing cabling, low installation costs and secure configuration through the My2N cloud. But there were some situations when connecting your intercom to the network using mobile data restricted you. For example, when you needed to integrate the 2N® LTE Verso with a VMS or NVR. Other restrictions concerned connecting external cameras and uploading photos to a local FTP server.

We have resolved all of these problems in the new firmware version 2.28. We now offer the option to connect your 2N® LTE Verso intercom to a local network through a VPN. This means you can now easily stream video to your VMS using an RTSP protocol. You can also connect an external IP camera which is on the same network to the 2N® LTE Verso intercom. You will significantly increase the security of the whole installation. You can also save photos from the intercom to a local FTP server.

Another benefit FW 2.28 brings to the 2N® LTE Verso is saving you valuable extra minutes. Local access and administrating the intercom through the web interface is quicker than administrating through the My2N cloud.

The final important improvement relates to when you use the 2N® IP Verso or 2N® LTE Verso for incoming calls. A new feature allows the colour touchscreen to display the caller’s name and their photo. The recipient can immediately see who is contacting them on the intercom.

Download the new firmware and try all of the new features.

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