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Updated: Dec 17, 2019

Does your project need lift access control to individual floors? We introduce a lift access control solution with the new version of 2N® Access Commander 1.13.

You have been offering a modern access control solution with the help of 2N products for some time now. Today, we have expanded your options. You can now offer your customers a solution for practically any situation in terms of access control.

What is lift access control?

A 2N access control device is installed in the lift. The resident identifies himself using an RFID card, mobile phone with Bluetooth, fingerprint or PIN code. The resident only has access to the floor of the building where he lives and to common areas based on pre-defined rights. These areas are unlocked after he identifies himself. The resident can therefore travel to the floors he has access to, but cannot reach any other floors.

What do you need for lift access control?

  1. A 2N device – access control unit or IP intercom equipped with access control technology. These have the same functions you are already familiar with.

  2. A special licence for the 2N device in the lift – 2N IP Intercoms Lift Module License (9137916) or 2N Access Unit Lift Module License (9160401). The licence unlocks the functions necessary to put the solution into operation.

  3. An AXIS A9188 Network I/O Relay Module for lifts (9160501) – this is a special I/O module, which communicates with the 2N device. One relay is capable of controlling 8 floors and up to 5 AXIS A9188 relays for lifts can be connected to one 2N device. The solution is therefore suitable for buildings with up to forty floors.

  4. 2N® Access Commander 1.13 – access to floors are configured using the new version of our software for bulk access administration.

When will the solution be available?

Right now! We have AXIS A9188 relay for lifts in stock and you can download the new version 1.13 of 2N® Access Commander software in the Software section.

Learn more about 2N® IP Security Solutions here:

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