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Do your customers sometimes ask you why access using their mobile phone doesn’t work? Tell them to check the access log in the application on their phone.

An access log is now included in the popular 2N® Mobile Key application. This means users can now check their access histories on their mobile phone. They can easily find out, for example, when they got to the office in the morning. If access is denied at any time, the access log will indicate a specific reason, which may often be a breach of access rights.

This can happen, for example, if somebody passes their phone to a colleague on the way back from lunch to allow them through a turnstile (anti-passback). Another reason may be that the door was in lock mode for a specified time. Or the person simply may not have access rights to the given room.

Access using a mobile phone has also proved an excellent system for apartment buildings and houses. Your customers can conveniently and safely open the door to the building with their mobile phone or unlock access from the lift to a selected floor. They can choose one of two ways to open the door. In touch mode, they can leave the mobile phone in their pocket and open the door by simply touching the reader, even while wearing gloves or touching with their elbow. The other option is tap in app mode, which lets them open the door directly from their mobile phone.

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