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How to Adapt Your Customers to Remote Working, The Right Away

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

As global health concerns push businesses worldwide an emergency shift towards remote working patterns, your analog phone system customers are facing an unprecedented challenge - their legacy systems inherently fail to support remote workers, yet can't just be replaced overnight.

They are in urgent need of an out-of-box temporary solution to empower remote team agility, connectivity, and collaboration - as quickly and painlessly as possible. And we've worked out a free solution to help you address the customer demand.

Following the past weeks of ongoing development of Coronavirus, we have witnessed a surging demand for work-from-home/remote working solutions and we believe you did too.

Social distancing and public health concerns are forcing businesses worldwide an emergency shift to remote/home working patterns. And companies are scrambling to adjust their network and communications system so as to keep distributed workforce connected and maintain business continuity in the short or long term.

For those whose infrastructures are inherently IP-based, the transition can be fairly simple. The question is, how to help those who are currently using legacy systems – like analog-based TDM PBX – to overcome the technological barrier and satisfy the teleworking demands as fast and painlessly as possible, as they can’t just ditch or upgrade their analog phone system overnight.

Your Analog Phone System Customers Need a Ready-to-use Remote Working Solution

In these times of urgent demand for business continuity and mobility, one of the best and inevitable solution that you can provide your analog-phone-system customers is to recommend a temporary shift towards a remote telecommunication solution that specifically allow for team agility, connectivity, and collaboration regardless of the geographical distance. And the good news is, you can make a full use of Yeastar Cloud PBX 90-day free offer to fulfill the needs, ease the pain for your customers, and stay productive even working from home.

Provide Seamless Transition with Yeastar Cloud PBX 90-day Free Offer

Built from ground up with the technologies to create a collaborative, agile and inclusive virtual work environment, Yeastar Cloud PBX enables businesses in every industry to connect with their team and customers easily and securely from any devices, anywhere. It offers robust Unified Communications out of the box and can be rolled out immediately for customers without any commitments, ensuring a smooth, rapid and painless transition and making business continuity a cinch for companies in urgent need.

  • Instant Hassle-Free Deployment: No complicated equipment installation, no wiring setup, and no onerous configurations, Yeastar Cloud PBX can be up and running in no time whatsoever. With it, business users can manage extensions, DIDs, services, call routing with zero-touch provisioning and easy customization via user-friendly web-based interface. In fact, employees would only need to install a Yeastar Linkus UC softphone on their mobile devices/computer and can begin working from home in less than 24 hours.

  • Use Work Extension from Anywhere: With Yeastar Cloud PBX, you get everything you need in one single APP – Yeastar Linkus UC Softphone, which allows users to make and receive calls via business phone lines, see the status of their colleagues, chat, share files, retrieve voicemails, and access company phonebook easily and securely, all from their mobile phones or computer desktop.

  • Easy Conferencing: Empowers team conferencing with easy ad-hoc conference call via Yeastar Linkus Mobile Client. Users can batch invite their colleagues or customers to join a conference anywhere anytime. Besides, for users who wish to get better control, they can also choose to establish a multiparty call via the Conference Panel of Yeastar Cloud PBX’s web user interface, where the conference initiator/administrator can manage conference contacts, mute/unmute members, turn down/up conference volume and more via a visual control panel.

  • Business Productivity as Usual: In addition to the robust conferencing and mobility features, Yeastar Cloud PBX also joins the advanced IVR, Callback, Call Forwarding, Presence, Instant Messaging, File Sharing, Contacts, Click-to-call, Voicemail to Email and more – all in one to help businesses continue their day-to-day operations remotely, without sacrificing the productivity.

  • A More Comprehensive Solution with SIP Trunk Bundle: As analog phone lines are fixed with cropper wiring and hardly meet the teleworking demands, traditional analog phone system users might need a temporary SIP Trunk and phone number for business continuity under the global health crisis. And it’s your opportunity to bring your own trunk services together with the free Yeastar Cloud PBX to maximize the ease of use for your customers.

Yeastar Cloud PBX can be rolled out immediately for your customers. Simply sign up for the 90-day free offer here. If you’d like to learn more about Yeastar Cloud PBX or have any concerns, feel free to leave us your message. You can also register for the Yeastar Remote Working Solution Webinar, where you can learn details on how Yeastar Cloud PBX can serve as a contingency plan for remote workers.

Learn more about Yeastar IP Solutions here:

Blog source: Yeastar

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