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The 2N® IP Solo IP intercom is a great choice for private residences or smaller companies and offices. This compact unit combines the best technologies from our time-tested 2N® IP Verso intercom with setting in an elegantly designed frame with a single button.

2N®, a world leader in IP intercoms, expands its portfolio of door communication devices with its most compact model yet, the 2N® IP Solo. This unique unit features technology proven in the time-tested model 2N® IP Verso. Excellent audio system, HD camera with professional night vision, as well as advanced integration options are encased in a high-quality elegant frame.

As with other products from the 2N® line of camera-equipped intercoms, the 2N® IP Solo intercom advances your connectivity options with its cloud-based 2N® Mobile Video service. With this feature, your intercom can directly call your mobile phone or tablet so you know precisely who is at your home when on holiday or at work. This function additionally allows a check of the building entry anytime, to assure yourself that all is in order.

Intercom calls can also be answered from the 2N® Indoor Touch 2.0 interior answering units in your home or an IP video-telephone at the office. Intercoms may also be connected to an existing camera system, to always cover blind spots. Their open API interface allows your intercom to become part of an intelligent household, so you can receive a door call over your television, or control entry lighting when your guests or visitors arrive.

The 2N® IP Solo intercom is not modular, and unlike our 2N® IP Verso, cannot be extended with added modules. Thus this model is an excellent choice for the private residence or smaller company. It serves well for office buildings with a reception, where only a single button is necessary and the main requirements are a compact size and an elegant appearance, as well as highest technical quality. Its refined design highlights a high-quality zinc frame, available in both silver and black versions for either top or built-in installations. A frame for wall installation is supplied separately.

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