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Offer your customers modern access control, even to a building where there is no ethernet cable by the door. Connect an old analogue intercom to an IP reader from the 2N Access Unit family.

We recently dealt with an unusual customer request:“We have an old analogue intercom by the door. We don’t want to replace it, but we want to add a Bluetooth reader. An ethernet cable? No, there isn’t one of those by the door.”It appeared to be an impossible situation at first glance, but, we’re a leading technology company after all and so we figured it out.

How do you do it?

You connect the analogue intercom by the door to an IP access control reader using a conventional 2-wire. You can use any of the readers in our portfolio – RFID, Bluetooth or a fingerprint reader. You then connect the reader to the lock. And don’t forget the reader needs a 12 V power supply. We also recommend installing a security relay between the reader and the lock. This will significantly increase the security of the whole installation.

The user can still open the door for a visitor remotely from their home phone as before. When entering the building, the user can open the door him/herself using, for example, a mobile phone with Bluetooth.

And how do you configure the reader? 

Connect it to the network via your notebook and configure it before installing it on the wall. You’ll find a precise description in our FAQ article. And if there is any change in users or rights? You will have to take your notebook to the door and make the change there. 

Of course, our IP access control readers weren’t designed for precisely this kind of solution, so certain inconveniences are involved. But the solution suited the customer perfectly and maybe you will come across a project where you can use it too.

Learn more about 2N® IP Security Solutions here: Blog source: 2N®


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