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Updated: Feb 24, 2020

Do you have a project on your desk that needs to resolve an issue with emergency communications? Offer residents extra safety with 2N® Indoor Talk and 2N® Indoor Compact connected to an SOS button.

You already know that you can connect a doorbell button located at the door to a flat to a 2N answering unit. With our new firmware version 2.28, we now offer you the option of an SOS button instead of a doorbell. What makes this option unique?

We expect residents using this button for emergencies, such as sudden health problems. We set the system to interrupt any calls so that the emergency call can be connected immediately. The emergency call has the greatest priority, after all. Administrators can select which device to direct this call to.

You can use this feature, for example, at a residential care home. The resident simply presses the SOS button installed in a suitable location, such as next to their bed. This button is connected to the 2N® Indoor Talk, which the resident has fitted somewhere in their flat. It immediately initiates a call to a 2N® Indoor Compact unit located in the nurse’s room. Calls are not necessarily directed just between answering units. The call can just as easily be directed to an IP telephone or a 2N intercom on the local network.

We have also thought of situations when informing a person in a different building about the emergency is important. Both of the 2N devices are simply connected to the network through the My2N cloud service. The resident’s call can be put through to as many as 16 locations.

Don’t hesitate to download the new firmware 2.28 for the 2N® Indoor Talk and 2N® Indoor Compact.

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