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Updated: Oct 27, 2020

Discover the unlimited world of the Automation section, where you can set up complex scenarios without programming. For example, if someone kicks the door, the intercom can play a sound, activate an alarm and start recording video footage.

The Automation section can be found in the web interface for the intercom. The Automation options are in the purple Services section. You can operate this tool even without knowing how to program. It really is simple. Just choose from the list of already prepared events, actions and conditions. What exactly do these terms mean?

  • Event – user authorisation, card swipe, a specific time being set, code entry, silent alarm activation, motion detection in front of the camera, or the door being kicked.

  • Action – activate a switch, open the door, commence a call, play a sound/message, send an e-mail, or send an HTTP command.

  • Condition – true, false, call status, security status.

Drag the selected events, actions and conditions to the Automation desktop. Link them together and create complex scenarios from the intercom’s basic functions to cover any of your customer’s needs.

The Automation section is not just designed for intercoms. You can find it in all our access control readers.

To start creating scenarios, first enter an Enhanced Integration (9137907) licence key or Gold (9137909) licence key in the intercom. The Automation section is also available without licence for products in the 2N Access Unit family.

Watch our video with information on how to work with the tool. Gareth will show you how to set up different actions easily and quickly for the door being kicked. We are already preparing other examples of work with the Automation tool for you.

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