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Meet our 2N® IP Force, a resistant, robust and nearly indestructible IP intercom. 2N tested its resistance and, even after running it over several times with an army vehicle, its functions remained excellent.

2N®, a worldwide leading producer of IP intercoms, announces that its outdoor IP communicator, the 2N® IP Force, passed every resistance test. We even ran over it multiple times with a military semi-belt vehicle. The test took place in September 2016 at the Military History Institute in Lešany, Czech Republic. The OT-810, a Czech-built vehicle with a partial belt construction weighing 7,800 kg (over 8.5 US tons) was used for the test. No holders or ramps were used near the communicator. The vehicle ran over the communicator a total of 4 times. Despite its massive military construction and gross weight of the vehicle, the intercom remained functional. The only ‘battle damage’ occurred in damaged outer portions of its protective frame. Even then, it functioned perfectly, including its HD camera. A video showing the entire test is available here.

The 2N® IP Force is available in five versions that combine from one to five push-buttons, an RFID card reader and pictograms with a numerical keypad. All units are equipped with an HD camera, including a night-mode, as well as several connectors. Aside from the standard RJ-45 network connector, the unit features a connector for ‘buzzer’ opening of doors, as well as a connector for the integration of other I/O equipment. As with all 2N communicators, the 2N® IP Force can be easily integrated within most security systems. An outer frame of special alloy and security-screws prevent dismantling the communicator from its front, providing safety against unauthorized manipulation.

Therefore, the unit is useful in many applications. Thanks to its IP69K and IK10 certification, including an anti-vandalism test (EN 50486), it’s also suitable for the most exposed environments, such as logistics companies, industrial zones, parking lots, educational institutions and public administration buildings, as well as prisons. The unit can be installed either on the surface of a wall or recessed, making it even more difficult to damage.

The toughest SIP Intercom in the world!

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Blog source: 2N®

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