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Top Considerations When Planning a Migration

Switching to a new system may sound overwhelming, but see the glass half full, it is also an opportunity to upgrade and future proof your business communication. Whether you would like to continue utilizing an on-premise PBX system or switch to a cloud-based solution, there are a number of options out there. We’re here to help you make a painless migration.

1. What to do with your existing equipment and infrastructure?

Compatibility is one of the top priorities. Make sure the solution not only allows you to leverage what you have been already using, including IP phones, SIP trunks, and other equipment, but also requires minimum efforts to integrate and configure during the transition. You may need to consider the time frame for the migration to avoid disruption of your daily operation as well. Some larger multi-site companies may even want to evaluate a hybrid solution to bridge the gap between their existing PBX system and the platform they select going forward.

2. Choose your ideal deployment plan.

On-premise or cloud? Actually, there is no ultimate better choice between them. Cloud is popular now while premise is also far from dead. The on-premises option involves long-term investments with full control of the system, while the cloud-based option often comes with a pay-as-you-grow pricing model and no requirement for on-site maintenance. Both options have pros and cons, and your business need is what really matters. How would you prefer to pay? Do you prefer a capital or operational expense? Do you need complete control? Would you rather have the equipment in-house?

3. Unified Communications unleashes great potential.

Unified Communications brings a powerful feature set and holds great potential for business communication regardless of your deployment. As the modern workforce becoming more agile, anywhere anytime communication enabled by BYOD mobility have also become increasingly significant. Advanced collaboration features also deliver enhancement to efficiency and productivity. To empower and future-proof your business phone system, unified communications should be a necessity when making the decision.

Take Advantage of Yeastar PBX System

When looking for alternatives for your current PBX system, Yeastar is an option worth considering. Designed for small and medium-sized businesses, Yeastar PBX System is an easy-to-use, fully-featured and cost-effective business phone system. We offer different deployment options, on-premises and cloud-based, so that you can find one that best fits your business model and communication needs.

  • Real-time communication across multiple devices with Linkus UC Softphone

  • Phone auto provision for Yealink, Snom, Fanvil and other IP phones

  • Easy administration and management from the intuitive web GUI

  • All-inclusive enterprise-grade features required by modern businesses

  • IM, Presence, and CRM contacts integration for team collaboration

  • Strong built-in security mechanism to safeguard your phone system

  • Easy capacity expansion for both on-premises and cloud solution

  • 3rd party Integration with call center, PMS, and CRM

  • System upgrade and feature enrichment on a regular basis

  • Comprehensive solutions for various verticals and scenarios

Learn more about Yeastar IP Solutions here:

Blog source: Yeastar

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