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Introducing Sip-Snap®GO Soft Phone App!

An IP solution that lets you work without an office and helps you save cost!


In this day and age where mobility in the workforce is becoming increasingly common, the need for an application that can allow you to remain contactable while you are on the go is essential.

But first, let's get an idea on what exactly is a soft phone.

It is basically a software that mimics the capabilities of a business desk phone but instead of your desk, it can be found in your smartphone.

So what are the benefits of using Sip-Snap®GO?

Empowering your mobile workforce

Businesses these days are no longer confined to the back of an office desk. That said, they now take on various forms such as road warriors. Basically, road warriors are people who travel frequently as part of their job scope. Having Sip-Snap®GO with you ensures you remain contactable even when you're not in office and that's pivotal in ensuring quality customer service and support. You could be at a cafe, overseas, home office or poolside and your business contacts can still reach you via your smartphone or laptop so long as you have internet connection.

Cost Saving

With Sip-Snap®GO, you are still able to run your business even without a tangible office or communication hardware. You do not have to worry about maintenance or upgrade cost as all Sip-Snap®GO upgrades are free of charge and do not require any technical assistance. Another good news is you get to make frequent local and international calls at the lowest rate possible with Sip-Snap®GO resulting in significant savings in cost. You can even avoid over the top roaming expenses especially if you're at overseas.

Streamline your team's communication

One of the challenges faced by businesses is to streamline their communication considering the myriad of third party applications being used. Sip-Snap®GO is built in such a way that almost all business communications channels can be accessed in a single place be it phone calls, conferencing, video chat or messaging. This makes it easy and convenient for business associates to get in touch with you since you only have one number. The use of a single account also makes collaboration and communication easier thereby improving the productivity and efficiency of the business.

Knowing the right time to call

Sip-Snap®GO is equipped with a QuickDial - Busy Lamp Field (BLF) feature that enables you to identify who's available for call and who's not in your contact list. Now you don't have to go through the ordeal of calling over and over again just to check if the person you're trying to get in contact with is still on call or available. This gives you the opportunity to manage your time more efficiently while waiting for the person to be available. Talk about time saving and enhanced user experience!

Fast and Easy Installation

Sip-Snap®GO can be easily downloaded for free into your mobile phone via App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android). Chances are your employees already own a smartphone so why not harness its power and work it to your business advantage? There's no need for any cabling or wiring installation as Sip-Snap®GO depends purely on internet connection making hassle free. Registration of Sip-Snap®GO to establish connection with the service provider (a.k.a Netregy) is also straightforward and simple with only three settings required, namely: Username, Password, and Server.

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