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A classic IP phone for small business users, the SIP-T30P delivers a fashionable and user-friendly dialing experience. It has a generously large 132x64-pixel graphical LCD that guarantees an easier access to much more visual information at a glance. 

Dual 10/100 Mbps network ports with integrated PoE makes SIP-T30P an ideal choice for extended network use. The SIP-T30P offers support for single VoIP account and includes 5-way local conferencing. 

It includes EHS35 support for Yealink wireless headset plus adjustable multi-angle stand support and has been designed very specifically for efficient work. 

  • Stronger Performance, More Possibilities

  • Superior HD Audio, Better Communication

  • Classic Design, Practical Details

  • All In One Platform, Convenient Management


T30P Datasheet


• Yealink HD Voice
• 2.3” 132x64-pixel graphical LCD
• Two-port 10/100M Ethernet Switch 

• PoE support
• Opus codec support
• One SIP account
• Local 5-way conferencing
• Support EHS Wireless Headset
• Unified Firmware
• Support YDMP/YMCS
• Stand with 2 adjustable angles
• Wall mountable

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