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5 Pitfalls to Avoid When Selling Hosted UCaaS

The race is on. Given the great appetite for unified communications among businesses, selling hosted UCaaS is becoming a lucrative part of many service providers’ and resellers’ offering. Every implementation of new technology comes with some level of risk. Unified communications is no exception. Here a few things that you’d better place additional focus on; and it will save you from missed profit opportunities.

1. Neglecting Your Management Easiness

Sure that the product itself has to be competitive and delivers features able to meet customer needs. But Once satisfied with the customer product, you also need to take a hard look at the aspect of service delivery. The implementation of some solutions could be tedious and complex, which hinders the expansion of your business, while a centralized management platform gives you total control over your business and allows you to retain complete ownership of your customers.

2. Leaving out Different Pricing Models for Features

In terms of features, there are basically two different pricing models of your choice. Some vendors offer basic features but charge extra license fees for advanced capabilities while some include almost all features into their offering at different prices respectively. It’s hard to tell which one is superior without taking your customer needs into consideration. Generally, customer needs change and all-inclusive features help better craft bespoken solutions.

3. Overlooking the Importance of a Solid Partnership

The secret to UCaaS selling not only lies in the state-of-art product but also vendors who are dedicated to channels, focusing on partner enablement and profitability. A trusted partner makes leveraging cloud communications not only easy but also profitable. It is wise to align with a vendor that can fully support you every step of the way: sales enablement, consultation, implementation, training, continuous feature enhancements, and dedicated technical support.

4. Not Being Well Positioned for UCaaS Delivery

Is your network infrastructure ready? Do you have IT professionals to administer the system? Be sure to understand each solution’s requirements and evaluate whether they can be implemented in your network environment. For newcomers of UCaaS arena, the initial implementation is no easy thing, so make sure you opt for a solution with the fastest time to market. Delay in addressing potential sales opportunities loses revenue and leaves the market open to alternative solutions.

5. Focusing on Flashy Features Rather Than Solving Problems

Some solutions stack up a host of fancy features but are indeed one-size-fits-all products that don’t allow for easy customization. Service providers and resellers need to understand that they are selling a solution to their customers and then delivering it as a service via the cloud. It’s nice to have more features at your disposal but the ultimate goal is always to address customers’ pain points. So vendors with experiences in many vertical industry markets are probably your best options.

Is Yeastar Cloud PBX Free of These Pitfalls?

We believe our solution is a fit for service providers and resellers regardless of their experience in the UC industry. You have not only a service delivery platform, YMP, to streamline management, but also flexible deployment plans whether to host it yourself or have a quick start without preparing any server. Either way, our onboarding and implementations team helps you realize the fast time to market. Besides, we provide all-inclusive features without extra license fees to future-proof your service. Being 100% channel focused, Yeastar is your backbone when penetrating the hosted UCaaS market.

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