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Updated: Oct 27, 2020

We have several arguments to convince you and your customers that 2N® Mobile Video is the best choice in intercom applications.

The Most Reliable Cloud Service on the Market

We often say this to you, but they are not just empty words. We perform around 356,000 test calls every month, and 99.98% of them are successful. According to our internal tests, this is by far the greatest reliability found anywhere on the market. Another thing guaranteeing service quality is hosting on Amazon (AWS), which is a leading global cloud services provider.

You Get New Functions Free of Charge 

Things don’t end after downloading the application. We are continuously developing the My2N cloud service, which 2N® Mobile Video is a part of. As a customer, you will certainly appreciate getting all of the new functions from us free of charge. Some of the most attractive features are site management services, immediate device synchronisation with the cloud and redesigned graphical user interfaces.

We Immediately Synchronise Any Changes

Administration of devices is fast and convenient with our cloud service. Each implemented change takes immediate effect on all managed devices. You will especially appreciate the effectiveness of this in large residential projects. Maintaining an installation with up to 3,000 mobile devices can be easily managed from the office from the single web environment in My2N.

All You Need Is an Intercom and a Mobile Phone

We are not the only company on the market offering a mobile application for intercoms. However, our advantage is that apart from the intercom and your smartphone, you don’t need anything else to open a door, meaning no network gateways or hardware answering units. The 2N® Mobile Video application is the least expensive video answering unit on the market and is not complicated to set up either.

Integrate 2N® Mobile Video with Third-Party Applications

Do you want more? 2N® Mobile Video supports the SIP protocol. This means no problems using the application with hardware offered by leading companies in the field of home automation management. You offer customers a single application to remotely open doors and manage lighting in their homes. Another one of our competitive advantages is a professional VoIP platform. With a cloud-based exchange, you can find solutions for more complicated scenarios, such as rerouting calls or remote reception.

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